Facebook Support: 7-Day Access to JA Expert Problem Solving

This is my experience of the Facebook support team provided by JA which beats contacting Facebook’s poor customer care channels any time.

Getting good human assistance from Facebook is near impossible with very limited support cababilities that I haven’t had any luck with.

This way there’s no limits to the range or quality of support you can get.

How to get in touch with Facebook experts?

To contact them right a way with a 7-day trial, „you can use this link„.

Facebook Support

A better alternative to contacting Facebook.

This is how I found an expert that solved my problem after days of struggling to communicate with Facebook which was not helpful at all.

I first went though the forms which ‘categorize’ your problem and then give you additional support but mostly got just pre-written answers.

Then I found a better way to get real human support. So maybe this will help those who want to contact Facebook by email or otherwise.

How I solved my problem with Facebook?

I had my Facebook account compromised by a hacker that gained access to my Windows computer, so I was totally lost on what to do.

I went on to contact a Facebook expert at Justanswer (see top of page for 7 day trial).

Instead of capped answers, this way I got in contact with a person who actually read my question and tried to help my individual problem.

So we basically went through all the options of securing my Facebook account and computer until I knew that everything was solved.

Based on my experience, can recommend if the regular options for contacting their so called customer care are not working for you.

Otherwise, it could mean that you are stuck with the ‘FB Help Community (http://www.facebook.com/help/community/)’ which can be worth a try but has it’s limits and has you wait.

My issue with Facebook support?

To put it bluntly, in my case the Facebook Help Center was useless.

  1. They answered with ‘capped’ ready-written answers.
  2. Ticket response times were long.
  3. Mostly I received links to topics on their help pages which I had already read and could not understand.
  4. Had to exchange multiple emails back and forth with FB to get them to actually read my message and the problem I had.
  5. I had absolutely no luck when it comes to explaining something in a way that a total tech noob can understand.
  6. Instead they forwarded me to their ‘help community’ and I felt I was suppose to figure things out on my own.
  7. As a bonus they’ve been polite all the way through but it doesn’t help much if you can’t solve your issue.

So in my opinion, Facebook could have better support.

Facebook support questions to get help for?

These are some support questions that seem common and I would believe you should be able to get support for using the method.

  1. How do I reset or change my Facebook password while making it as strong as is needed to stop intruders?
  2. What are all the possible ways to contact Facebook directly, such as email, phone call or live chat?
  3. How to enable FB dating, pay, marketplace, dark mode, watch, etc?
  4. Why does Facebook keep logging me out on my iPad?
  5. What are the best security settings for FB?
  6. Facebook login error occurred saying please try again later for hours, how can I login to my account?
  7. How to avoid Facebook censorship?
  8. I got banned from Facebook for no reason, what can I do?
  9. How can I recover my locked Facebook profile?
  10. Why did my Facebook post disappear?
  11. How can I unlock my facebook account without an ID?
  12. How do I recover an unfinished post on Facebook?
  13. How can you secure your Facebook account from hackers and other intrusive, prying eyes?
  14. Why is the Facebook support inbox not opening?
  15. How can I solve the error performing query in Facebook?
  16. Does the Facebook app listen to your conversations?
  17. How do I stop allowing others to mention or tag my Facebook Page?
  18. Facebook support is not answering my emails or taking days to respond to tickets, how can I solve my problem?
  19. My FB account got hacked or compromised, what should I do?
  20. Why is Facebook censoring my comments?

And thank you for reading!

What other people are saying?

Here are some comments from a previous posts at what problems people had with Facebook and why they wanted to contact them:

I was sent a text stating that 50 people are unhappy with my post on Facebook. They said I had hate and sexually explicit material on Facebook post. That is not true. Awful Please help.

Written by Ingra Y

I have 3 business page with fb or else I will never use this platform. Infact it is the best time to move from fb to other platform.

Written by Muna C.

Hi can you please provide an email address for Facebook to send them a subpoena regarding evidence for a court matter, Thank you.

Written by John S.

I tried to express my situation related to my account but at first they are very polite then they sent me a payment page in order to proceed with an expert. And this is real bullshit because I’m already pissed my problem and these guys…..

Written by Darkstar.

My final words about Facebook contact

So obviously, a lot of people are having issues without resolve to their problems. I think the best option we have so far is to use JA and their support team.

The situation is unlike to get any better either, so it’s take it or leave it at this point.

What’s your take on Facebook support?

All kinds of questions, comments, etc. are welcome.

Jan Scotti

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      • my account was disabled and I can’t figure out why. I have been on Facebook since 2008 and value the site greatly. I know I haven‘ violated any rules but if there’s something I did unintentionally I will delete. As a writier, I use the site everyday and it would hurt to not have my account. PLEASE HELP!

        – Daniel (boopbloop7@gmail.com)

        • Did you solve your issue?

          Sometimes they disable or block accounts that get hacked, waiting for resolution. JA might be able to help you.

          You can get a 1-week trial above for unlimited questions.

  1. While I was on Facebook, my account got disabled for no reason. I submitted a picture of myself to verify that I am a human. Facebook may be unable to review my account because of COVID. Please help me get my account ASAP.

    • Sorry to hear about that Hannah!

      That sounds too strange that they would not verify your account because of Coronavirus/Covid-19, you’d think it has nothing to do with it.

      I’m afraid I’m out of ideas but contacting JA might help.

  2. I am not able to advertise on Facebook,I have tried with 4 different cards but it shows that this specific card isn’t valid,what should I do

  3. Hi, My name is Satyam Anand. I have a Facebook account which I cannot access due to no access to email(as it was deleted by yahoo.com) & mobile number, but anyhow created a new email on yahoo.com with same username. Unfortunately 6 digit recover code is comming on the mail.
    Please Help!

  4. Hi Facebook disabled my account, and several other peoples because we reported and shared a pedophiles MULTIPLE pages. The link to his page at the bottom is just one of his pages. Look at the comments of the young girl in his cover photo on the picture. He is harassing young girls and has been doing so for YEARS. The 2nd and 3rd links are other post made in just one of the city group where there are several other young girls have been being contacted by this guy. Please look through the comments, He hounds them through messenger, calling them through it. If they block him he uses one of his other pages. He has been reported to FB, to the police, but instead of supporting law abiding members, Facebook is disabling people’s account because they are trying to get something done. The report feature is flawed, I have even been reported for sharing a lost puppy. My mother was reported for sharing a congratulations to her grandson for graduating from Mississippi State. Please help. I am trying to get my page reactivated but I can not even get FB to review it because they say they are short staffed due to COVID restrictions.
    This guy has been doing this for years, there are police reports and screen shots of his conversations, a screen shot of him saying he does not care if a „child is 2, 5 or 16, if they say ok he is going to get it raw“ Look at the profile # under his name.

    But mine and other people’s accounts are being suspended and some pending being permanently disabled.? Is it going to take him raping or killing a young girl before anyone takes action?
    The page I have linked is mild. PLEASE PLEASE help with this! The people being disabled do not deserve it, we have memories and pictures of loved ones we have lost,, that we will never get back and this guy needs to be stopped. We do not know what else to do other then make our community aware.
    And when we try to request a review it tells us Facebook is short staffed to COVID restrictions, and our request can not be reviewed. I have reached out to Facebook in every way possible. Please help!

    my account is under
    Wendy Hughes
    wenehokaii@gmail.com also
    wenehokaii@aol.com has been associated with it.
    phone #
    334 651 6672




  5. Hi, I have problem with Instagram login. They are for video verification but I couldn’t able to submit that because when i did, app sudden got crashed. Please help me because I’ll lose my account.

  6. Sir my facebook account is real and has been disabled because my linked instagram account tushar_n_sharma_1810 is disabled without any reason please restore it as soon as possible because I have done nothing wrong which may him platform

    • Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear that your account got disabled for „no reason“, unfortunately FB doesn’t think so obviously.

      They are a big company, so you need to just go along with their „demands“ of verifying your account, maybe contacting JA with the links above help too?

      Thanks and please let us know if you solve your problem.

  7. Hi, I’m Jane. I’m facing a problem which is really strange and I can’t find a solution to solve it. I have opened a public page yesterday. And, I invited a person as an administrator. Then, I change myself to become a moderator. However, the person didn’t receive the invitation. Now, the problem is the page that I have developed doesn’t have an administrator and nobody can make changes to the page. May I know how to solve this problem? How could I get back the page? Please help me, the page is really important to me…

  8. Couldn’t make the heads of tails out of Facebook Help Center but this worked out well for me. Thanks for the sound advice and cheers.

  9. Good day, my brother facebook account is hacked, i just wanna ask, how to retrieve that account, i’ve been searching for facebook email or customer support, but i can find it, i really bother for this because, i think someone using my brothers fb account.thank u

  10. Hello..plz support me..facebook block / disable my business account just because one minor mistake by mistake I type 2008 insted of 2000 and then Facebook suddenly block my profile/account and then ask about government proof for verification my I uploaded my adhar card copy but Facebook still block my account please help me..this was my business account and I am really genuine..plz unblock my account Webpulse ad and reply me on webpulseadvt@gmail.com

    • In case of account verification problems, I would contact JA and show all the documents uploaded so they can explain to you what’s wrong. In my experience, FB can be really hard to get through when your not giving them the data they want. Worst of all, often enough there’s very little explanation.

      Hope you get your problems solved, thanks for your comment and hope that you can share the solution with us later. Thank you.

  11. Hi. An ex of mine as commented on multiple posts under my account and I have gotten put in Facebook jail. I know I need to change my password but how do I stop this from happening again and how do I get out of Facebook jail? Please help. Thank you.

  12. Hi
    My Account Was Locked By Facebook And I Didn’t Find Any Way To Unlock Please Tell Me How Can I Get Back To My Account

  13. My facebook account has been locked i am try to unlock my account but not get unlock beacuse learn more option so i want to started option to unlock my account

  14. Hi facebook team,
    Sir when I try to login into my facebook account,
    It is showing you account has been locked . it says conform your identity with uploading your ID, but I
    have added phone number and gmail account with facebook account .therefore I request you to give me more options to recover my facebook account
    Thank u
    My account information
    Name : Sweet kameena
    Gmail: sadambahi29@gmail.com
    Phone: 9682110050

  15. Hello, my facebbok id is disabled i dont know why its showing due to community standards but i javent recieved any warnings or anything i just want my id back.
    My username:Rajat Singh
    Mob no. :+917355506935
    Pls help i want my id back.

  16. Hello there, my Id is locked from yesterday I don’t know why .
    I didn’t violate any rules nothing.
    Just they locked my facebook id.
    Please look into this matter.

  17. My facebook account has been hacked for months and they completely changed everything…they changed my number and password and my bio…too bad I didn’t have an email on facebook .And now that person is busy posting with my account,pretending to be 8me…we don’t know what more damage they could do…so please H.E.L.P

  18. Dear support team
    I had an account which was permanently disabled. It is too much important for me cause many of my contact was there. It will be too much grateful if you kindly give back my account.

  19. My Facebook was hacked long time ago and i have changed the password but still can’t get back my account due to last time I didn’t sync with the Authenticator. Now each time i login with my new password it keep asking Authenticator code which I don’t have. I have send my soft copy of driving license, passport, identity card to Facebook team but they always replied they can’t give me the access until I send them an accepted ID. My Facebook name is a nick name which not appear in my ID but my email and handphone number still accessible. I don’t know why Facebook team keep don’t give me the access to my Facebook account

  20. Sir I am unable to login my account my registered number is 8299568132 and while resetting the password unknown error is coming. Please resolve my issue.

  21. Sir I’m jaymmar from Phillipine
    May account was disabled for 30 days and I only have 24 left to review but I can’t , cause my current number not getting on Facebook , they use to get out code on my old number that I didn’t use anymore ,

    Im a obeying person ,, I read all there regulations 😢 but they did those to me I didn’t violate there rules and regulations

    I always cried , and I did all my best to try to reach fb team 😢

    This is my email
    09396045505 Phillipine Number
    nagsubanj@gmail.com my email too p

    Pls help me sir 😭

  22. To Support Team / Instagram,

    I truly believe YOU HAVE WRONGLY DISABLED MY ACCOUNT! My Instagram account was disabled; The reason was because I shared a post that WAS ALREADY posted on Instagram. How is that correct to disable my account because of this? I feel this decision is WRONG! I would appreciate any help you could give me in reactivating my account.

    Please and Thank you

    Dayna (@dazeylo)

  23. my account was disabled and I can’t figure out why. I have been on Facebook since 2019 and value the site greatly. I know I haven‘ violated any rules but if there’s something I did unintentionally I will delete. As a writier, I use1 the site everyday and it would hurt to not have my account. PLEASE HELP!

  24. Hi, my account has been locked when I try to join a few groups to share my auto detailing business. I have tried to upload my national ID to verify my account but your system refuses to accept my national ID name is not the same as the Facebook account. My Facebook account name (Leong Shui) is my nickname so this is why it doesn’t match with my national ID name (Lee Mun Khee). I wish to unlock it because there is an advertisement ongoing on our page and I wish to get back my account please so I can manage to reply my customer and avoid any losses.

  25. Hi I had Two Factor Authenitication in my Facebook and Now I Forgot the Password and I am Not Being Able to Reset My Password and Login to My Facebook How I could Solve this Problem.


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