Online Shopping from Germany with International Shipping

I wrote this guide for foreign customers, interested in purchasing goods online from German retailers with support for affordable, international shipping methods.

While there are a huge number of retailers, only a portion support delivery to countries outside of Germany. That is why there are several available, package forwarding services. So that you can shop at any German online store, and through the intermediatery you can have the items shipping to you worldwide.

This is achieved by using a third-party storage system, where you receive a personal address to first ship the items to within the country. Then, the forwarding service will send out the package to the address of your choice for a hefty commission, also depending on the original price of the product.

While these services are useful, and there are plenty of companies that provide a very reliable and trusted service. The cost may be so steep that it can outweigh the benefits of ordering from Germany in the first place. However, there are good, cheaper alternatives that I want to discuss in this post.

Obviously being able to order the products of your choice directly from the retailer is going to be cheaper, and desirable by most international customers.

Namely one company, has become a leader in providing a huge amount of retailer goods and items to purchase for both German and international buyers…!

I recommend the global services of — based in Germany.

Thanks to their massive popularity, many items that are sold on other German online stores, are also available for order on Except that most items support international shipping, which is at very reasonable prices. Also the website features a native English language version (see above link), for easy account management and shopping experience from Germany.

So if you are looking for convenient means, for international shipping of products, and items from German online stores, it’s always a good idea to check out the stock from for availability. Hope that helps.

Good luck with German online shopping from abroad!

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